Four String Brewing Co. offering a “Gateway” Porch Pounder

May 14th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   2 Comments »

One of the fun aspects of touring breweries on a regular basis is seeing the evolution of these businesses and their ideas over time. We heard rumors of a special lager Four String was working on months ago. The debut of Hilltop Heritage Lager is the realization of a beer to fill a void. It is also right sized priced starting at $7.99 for a 16 oz six pack! The beer is officially released in cans and draft on May 15th. It is crafted to be an easy drinking beer, approachable to fans of PBR, Old Milwaukee, etc, as well […]

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Seventh Son – A Sign

March 26th, 2017    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Seventh Son Brewing has some stealthy advertising that many are just starting to notice. As a brewery commonly featured on our Downtown Brewery Tour, we just had our first group of guests notice this billboard sign across the street from the brewery without pointing it out to them this week. The sign first appeared in November of 2016 (when everyone was trying not to pay attention to politics) and at quick glance looks like it might be a sign for a campaign for higher office. It may be for a higher purpose, the billboard lets people know they just passed […]

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On the Road Again: Delaware & Powell Craft Beer Tour

August 4th, 2016    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

There is a lot brewing north of I 270 and we are taking you to explore all of it. Most of these spots have been open less than 2 years but their brews are already getting a lot of attention. August 20th will be our inaugural run for this season. Our first stop is the Daily Growler in Powell where we will give you an introduction to craft beer basics, learn how to taste craft beer and sample a few of the best beers in Ohio, (including Hoof Hearted Brewing whenever possible). Next, we head just down the street to […]

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Tales of the Columbus Ale Trail

April 30th, 2016    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Over the course of the past year Columbus Brew Adventures has passed out almost 2000 Ale Trail books to people on our tours. I’ve spoken with over 100 people using the books as I have crossed paths with them at breweries all over Central Ohio. The consistent message is: This is great! I can’t say that anytime in my professional career have I been lucky enough to work on a project that was universally loved like this. What I have heard frequently and what I like the most is that people enjoy the book – because it is a book, […]

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4 String Brewing: Four Years and a Beer

October 26th, 2015    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

For the last four years, October has been a big month for Four String Brewing’s Dan Cochran. In October 2011, after months rehabbing an old machine shop, Four String was born just ahead of the Columbus Craft Beer Boom 2.0. In 2012, the space was taking shape with some retail customers including the BW-3 (Buffalo Wild Wings to you millennials) across the parking lot and some momentum. Cochran was working by day and brewing by night and picking up extra equipment where a small budget on a debit card would allow. In 2013, October was a double blessing. Changes in […]

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Making Cider at Mad Moon

July 30th, 2015    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

One of the best things about Columbus Brew Adventures is the diversity of people I get to work with and learn from. Several months ago I met Peter Moon, one of the owners of Mad Moon Cider at a tasting. After trying his products and hearing a bit of his story, I knew I had to get some tour groups into his space. I tested out the concept with private groups over the winter and each trip there was a crowd favorite. At each tour, I picked up a bit more of his story while meeting his wife and cider […]

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Tap into Uber with Columbus Brew Adventures

May 29th, 2015    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Over the last year we have noticed many of our guests are choosing Uber to get to our first tour site or use it to get to their post tour destination after we end our brew adventure with them. Feedback from guests using Uber has been great so we have partnered with Uber to offer a benefit to our guests. See the details above and you may just find yourself with a free ride. Use the code CbusBrew15 when you sign up to use Uber.

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Brewing Terms that make our Guests Giggle

March 19th, 2015    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

After guiding several tours, guides start to develop a sixth sense for when someone is about to break the collective train of thought with a laugh (maybe even a snort) from out of the blue. While new to us guides, this is something that our brewing pals have known for years. To the outside world, especially those with a few ounces of beer in their bellies, some common beer terminology can sound downright hilarious. It does not happen with every group nor is it always at the same part of a tour or even the same term, but sometime during […]

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One Year of Adventures: Thoughts on our first year of tours

September 8th, 2014    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

Columbus Brew Adventures offered our first tour to the public on September 7th 2013. You can see scenes from that tour in this -> video by the very talented Mike Beaumont from Spacejunk Media. We have sold out the downtown tour almost every Saturday since then. It was exciting to have people passionate about joining us to explore the craft beer scene in our city and I still feel that way about each tour we do. We added the Grandview Tour shortly after then shifted it to Saturday afternoons in January. It too is selling out nearly every week. It […]

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Four String Brewing Company : In the Can

April 23rd, 2014    •  by Jim Ellison    •   No Comments »

There have been a whirlwind of developments at Four String Brewing Company in the last 6 months. The most recent is the canning and release of their signature beer, Brass Knuckle Pale Ale, to the public. The microbrewery is too small to have a regular canning line or storage for 10,000 plus cans so instead of delaying growth of their brand, they partnered with Buckeye Canning to bring the canning line to the brewery.

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